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Thoughts for a Friday

This rang very, very true for me this morning. I have an immense amount of pride in the work I do and the job I have. But it doesn’t define me and it never will.

No, I have no side code projects to show you

As an aside, I got this from the excellent Web Development Reading List at Smashing Magazine. I highly recommend subscribing and reading each week.

The most famous blog post ever

In the tradition of a billion or so blogs before me, I’ve had no shortage of ideas what to post here and yet nothing coherent has emerged from the haze. Hoping to change that next year, but time will tell what comes. I think I struggle a little with exactly what it is I should be writing about.

Below are some of the things that have driven much of my reflection – yet resist turning into fully fledged posts or thoughts of their own.

I believe in the good in people; that almost everyone comes to work every day to do their best – in their own way. Sometimes we don’t understand how they do so, but that doesn’t make it any more or less true. Truthfully, the words “we” and “they” in my last sentence are not helpful either.

I know there is no more danger then the stories we tell ourselves – and I know I have been my own worst enemy on this front.

Because I believe in people – I believe every business is a people business, and software is about empowering people. We don’t – or shouldn’t – write code or tests or whatever because it makes us feel smart. We should do so because we are putting someone in a better position by doing so. Smart and fun are added features, not core value.

I know I am very interested in what the future holds on any number of fronts.

And I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunities and the life that I do. Which I can be both very good and very bad at remembering.

Talk to y’all soon, with any luck.


That Conference 2016

After waiting a few years for the right timing, finally got a chance to go to That Conference 2016 and was blown away by the amazing event put on by Clark and the team.

More to come as I go through my notes, but certainly a reminder of what I love so much about events like that and getting a chance to challenge so much about yourself and what you think you know.

Perhaps my favourite quote of the whole thing is on the whiteboard behind me as I type this, but I’ll leave it here before I run off to the company picnic.

Perfect is a verb, not an adjective.


Hello, world.

Because that’s about the only title permitted for a first post.

More to come here, eventually. Just getting things up and started.